Privacy Policy

Kalamazoo Mechanical, Inc. maintains high standards for the protection of privacy over the Internet. The only information we obtain about individual visitors to this website is information supplied voluntarily by the visitor. It will not be sold or shared with any other persons, businesses, agencies, or organizations.


To gauge the effectiveness of this site, we do collect some non-individually-identifiable generic information about our visitors. Specifically, our web servers automatically recognize a visitor's domain name (such as .com, .edu, etc.), the web page from which a visitor enters our site, which pages a visitor visits on our site, and how much time a visitor spends on each page. This information does not reveal a visitor's identity.

On occasion Kalamazoo Mechanical, Inc. may send you information regarding upcoming events or opportunities. You will not, however, receive any "junk" email (spam) from Kalamazoo Mechanical, Inc. outside of the scope of what is represented in the web site.

We are committed to safeguarding your privacy. You can feel confident that your individually identifiable information will be protected.


Site Accessibility

Kalamazoo Mechanical, Inc. strives to provide resources and services which are accessible to all, without the need for individual accommodations. The electronic services and resources we offer have been selected or prepared in order to meet the guidelines recommended by the W3C, the main international standards organization for the World Wide Web, and be compatible with those technologies that are HTML/CSS/WCAG standards-compliant. If you encounter any issues, please contact us.